Plan Design

  1. Select Hide/Show to view Client Information.
  2. View Product Type.
  3. View Product Description.
  4. If you wish, you can customize the plan by changing the plan percentages. You can move procedures to different co-pay levels by dragging and dropping.
  5. Customize Maximum Payment.
  6. Customize Annual Deductible.
  7. Customize Copay, Waiting Periods and Deductible applies information.
  8. Select Frequencies and Limitations to have the ability to revise the most common Frequencies and Limitations as well as the Dependent Age Limits and Accumulation Periods.
  9. Adjust Rate Tier to a 2 tier, 3 tier or 4 tier rate.
  10. Internal users only — Standard Commissions are quoted unless specified here. Enter the total commissions desired.

After customizing your proposal, select Get New Rates. Once you are satisfied with the rates, select Generate Proposal. Enter a description for your proposal and select Generate Proposal again. Your quote will be saved and generated to a PDF to allow you to share with your clients.

You can also Save and come back to your proposal later or Return to Plan Results to make additional edits.

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