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To start a new quote, click Get Rates.

  1. Enter the Client Name.
  2. Enter the ZIP Code.

    Note 1: MI/OH/IN/NC - If more than 50% of the client's employees are located out of the headquarters state, please contact our Sales department for a quote

    Note 2: AR - If more than 25% of the client's employees are located out of the headquarters state, please contact our Sales department for a quote

  3. SELECT Continue
  4. Enter Effective Date.
  5. Enter Current Dental Carrier.
  6. Enter NAICS If you only have the SIC Code, you can look up the NAICS code with the NAICS/SIC Code Lookup.
  7. Enter Employer Contribution for Subscribers — the percentage that the Employer will pay for Subscribers.
  8. Enter Employer Contribution for Dependents — the percentage the Employer will pay for Dependents.
  9. Will Employees be allowed to opt out? — Select Yes or No.
  10. Is dental coverage tied to medical coverage? — Select Yes or No.
  11. Enter Total Number of Expected Enrolled Subscribers.
  12. Would you like to quote an Essential Health Benefit (EHB) compliant dental plan? — Select Yes or No.

    Note: Starting January 1, 2014, small groups purchasing health coverage for their employees will only be able to purchase coverage containing all 10 Essential Health Benefits (EHB), which includes pediatric dental coverage as defined by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Therefore Delta Dental has developed EHB-compliant dental plans. These Delta Dental plans satisfy all of the ACA's requirements with respect to pediatric dental care and will allow your client to provide employees with the quality benefits and larger networks available through Delta Dental's stand-alone plans. If your client does not need an EHB-compliant dental plan, that option is available to you as well.

  13. External users — Agency name will be populated
    Internal users — Enter a partial Agency Name and select Agency Lookup to view the search results. Select the desired agency.and Submit. Select Clear Agency to start the search process over.
  14. Enter the Census Information either By Age OR By Total — Input Census information by copying the information from an Excel file and paste into the Census Wizard (Input Birth Dates or Age).
  15. Select Continue to proceed. Select Reset if you would like to clear the form fields.

Working with Plan Results

The Plan Results screen appears. The Client name and effective date are pre-populated.

  1. You will be presented with three plan options, select details of the one that best matches what you are quoting.
  2. The Plan Design screen appears. See Plan Design

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